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GO BEST Express

Baggage Policy

GO BEST Express Baggage Rules

GO BEST Express Luggage Rules

GO BEST Express allows two (2) pieces of checked baggage (see weight and size allowance below) and one (1) carry-on piece for each passenger. There is an extra charge of $3.00 for each piece of additional baggage beyond the standard allowance.

No single piece of baggage or property weighing in excess of fifty (50) pounds will be accepted for transportation unless there is additional help available to aid the chauffeur in both the loading and unloading of such baggage.

Golf bags will be accepted for a charge of $6.00.

Weight and Size Allowance:

The maximum weight is 50 pounds or the maximum size is 60 inches (length + width + height) per checked piece of luggage. Overweight and over-sized items will be accepted for a charge of $6 per item.

What about my pet?

Pets must be transported in a pet carrier. If the pet carrier is small enough to be carried on the passenger's lap it will count as a carry-on and may be taken on a shared van. Larger pets in pet carriers will require an exclusive van.

Lost Baggage

GO BEST Express will not be liable for lost baggage since baggage is never removed from the passenger's presence and is stored in the passenger compartment in which the passenger is riding. A passenger's baggage remains, at all times, the responsibility of the passenger. If you have left anything in the van please contact our office at 314-222-5300 and we will make every effort to locate your lost item.